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About Titan Biotech Limited Company

TITAN BIOTECH LIMITED (an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company & cGMP faciliated) has been established with an objective of serving scientific community and mankind by way of providing good quality of Biological Products i.e., Protein hydrolysates, Peptones, Malt extract, Yeast Extract, Liver Extract, Bile Extract and their derivates, Dehydrated Culture Media & Media Bases, Laboratory Chemicals, Plant Tissue Culture Media , Plant growth promoters & their basic ingredients for soil nutrition and Food additives. Our products are certified by ISO 22000: 2005 for food production. Titan Biotech is the leading Biological Products manufacturer in Delhi India.

All the Biotechnology Products are basically conducive to the growth of microorganisms and their primary use in the field of Clinical diagnosis, Vaccine production, Antibiotics, Agro- biotechnology, Animal feed. Our products are certified by ISO 13485:2003.

The company is in process of developing more products for Microbiology. The Biotechnology field requires a lot of Research and Development and takes time to develop new products. TITAN has wholly dedicated its efforts towards it.

Continuous development of newer products and exports to 75 countries all over the world in short span of time is an exceptional achievement of the organization.

TITAN is a member of Pharmexcil , Capexil and All India Food Processors' Association (AIFPA).

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