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Important Information

TBL Annual Report 2016-17 Download
AGM Voting Results, 2017 Download
E-VOTING REPORT, 2017 Download
Change of Registrar and Share Transfer Agent March, 2017 Download
AGM Voting Result 2016 Download
Subsidiary Company Balance Sheet as 31.03.2016 Download
TBL Results of Postal Ballot 02 - Nov - 2015 Download
TBL Scrutinizers Report 31 Oct. 2015 Download
TBL Postal Ballot Notice 28 Sep. 2015 Download
TBL AGM Result 2015 Download
TBL Postal Ballot advt. 2015 Download
TBL Scrutinizer Report AGM 2015 Download
Titan Biotech - Postal Ballot Notice final 2015 Download
TBL AGM and Public Notice Download
Information for Shareholders Download
Addendum to the Notice of Annual General Meeting - 30 th Sep, 2014 Download
Auditor Certificate Download
Clause 35A of the Listing Agreement Download
TBL 35A Download
TBL MGT 15 Download
TBL Scrutinizer Report (Evoting) Download
TBL Scrutinizer Report (Poll) Download
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