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Yeast Extract is a natural biological preparation. Yeast Extract is a spray dried extract of autolyzed Brewer’s Yeast manufactured by complete autolysis i.e a transformation of proteins into peptides and amino acids, implemented through the enzymes present in the yeast. Beside peptides and amino acids, Yeast Extract also contains water-soluble vitamins i.e., B1-B2-B6, carbohydrates, purine and pyrimidine bases. Yeast extract is added to Culture Media, as a Vitamin source at concentrations of 3-5 g/l and is used for fast growth of bacteria for industrial fermentations. Yeast Extract can be used in nutrients and drinks. Yeast Extract can also be used in foodstuffs and for flavouring such as seasoning pack of instant noodles, instant soap, chicken powder, cookies, soy sauce, bulked food, cooling food and breads.

General Specifications


Bacteriological Grade Food Grade
Appearance Yellow to brownish yellow, free flowing powder Yellowish brown, free flowing powder with characteristic odour.
Solubility (2% soln.) Completely soluble in water Completely soluble in water
Clarity    Clear solution Clear solution
pH (2% solution) 6.0-7.0 5.0-6.0
Moisture NMT-6.0% NMT 5%
Total Nitrogen NLT-11.0% NLT 10.0 %
Sulphated Ash NMT-15.0% NMT-12.0%
a-Amino Nitrogen NLT-5.0% NLT 5.0%
Microbiological Tests
Total Viable Count NMT-5,000 cfu/gm NMT 6,000  cfu/gm
Salmonella Negative Negative
E.coli     Negative Negative
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