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Aminofert Gold Liquid is chelated Amino Acid with essential trace minerals like Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Fe, Ca (as protein Hydrolysed).

Its amino acid chelated Aminofert Gold water soluble liquid is prepared for foliar application on plants to prevent nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields.  It is water soluble and nontoxic to plants when applied as directed.

For best results, apply Aminofert Gold water soluble liquid according to recommendations based on plant requirement.



Aminofert Gold Liquid contains trace minerals which exert higher growth & yields in the crops in the following ways-

Magnesium (Mg)-It is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule. It acts as both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes. It also helps in Sugar synthesis & starch translocation. It also helps in Plant oil and fat formation.

Manganese (Mn)-It helps the plant at the stage of growth and severity of deficiency.

Zinc (Zn)-It is necessary component of several enzyme systems that regulate metabolic activities within plants. It stimulates the synthesis of Tryptophan and Indole Acetic Acid & also found associated with water relations in plants and improves water uptake.

Copper (Cu)-It helps the chlorophyll production, protein synthesis and drops early aging of plants and increase the production of fruits and grains.

Boron (B)-It essential for maintaining a balance between sugar and starch and functions in the translocation of sugar and carbohydrates. It plays important role in pollination and fertilization.

Iron (Fe)-It catalyzes the production of chlorophyll & also involved in some respiratory and photosynthetic, enzyme systems. It is also involved in the reduction of nitrates and sulfates & proper functioning of symbiotic Nitrogen fixing Microorganisms.

Calcium (Ca)-It works for root development during early growth stage of plant. It is essential for apical growth of plant. It is required for transportation of other minerals within plant. It is also a part of cell wall and hence related to cell division, cell elongation process.








Buff bluish greenish coloured liquid.


Solubility (10.0% Soln.)

Soluble in water.



Clear Solution.



Apply by spray method and in adequate amount of water that will provide complete coverage of the plants. Use of a non-ionic wetting agent may improve spray coverage of certain hard to wet plants.

Aminofert Gold water soluble liquid can be included in a regular spray program on crops and compatibility with other spray materials.

The rate of application will depend on the crop, stage of growth, and severity of deficiency.  The maximum recommended rates are for mature, full-sized plants. Reduce the rates proportionately when spraying smaller plants.

Aminofert Gold water soluble liquid may be used on legumes, grain crops, root crops, cucurbits, cole crop, leafy vegetables, woody and herbaceous ornamentals, deciduous fruits, vine crops, tropical and subtropical fruits, and many other crops.


Aminofert Gold Liquid can be applied to crops with less concern of phytotoxicity due to fast absorption of amino acid chelates is so efficient low quantity of mineral can be used to achieve measurable results. It can be used as sensitive crops without burning of leaves, marking of fruits and flowers.


The advantages of using amino acids as the ligand for chelating nutritive metals present in appropriate quantity in stable forms. The bonding strength of ligand are enough strong for the molecules to remain intact in position through absorption. These are easily breakable for metabolic uses.

Amino acid chelates are easily absorbable due to small molecular size.

The amino acids are easily metabolized by plant. The plant has a natural affinity for metabolizing the amino acid chelates.                                                                                     


Field Crops and Vegetables: Apply 200-400 ml per acre during periods of rapid growth or nutritional stress. The application may be repeated twice or more times through the growing season.

Tree crops: Make an application of 400-800 ml per acre after the beginning of active growth. The application may be repeated at 2-4 week intervals through the growing season.

Grapes and Berries: Make an application of 200-400 ml per acre after active growth begins. The application may be repeated at intervals of one week or more through the vegetative growth period.

Turf: Make an application 200-300 ml per acre. The application may be repeated at interval of 15 days.

Std Packing     :  100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr.

Bulk Packing   :  50 Ltr., 200 Ltr.

Best Before     :  36 Months

Storage           :  Store in a cool & dry place.

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