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(Fruit Fly Attractant)

General Information
Before the fruit flies are laying their eggs, they need feeding period with proteins. This applies for:
• Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata
• Cherry fly, Rhagoletis cerasi
• Olive fly, Dacus oleae
• Walnut fly, Rhagoletis complete

The application of ATTRA – AMINO in mixture with a suitable insecticide (eg. Malathion) during this feeding period of the female flies, allows to control the adult flies before the egg laying begins. Consequently damage to the fruit by the larvae is reduced.

ATTRA - AMINO insect bait is based on amino acids and peptides concentrate in mixture with sugars. It is fully soluble in water. After the application in mix with a suitable insecticide, ATTRA - AMINO acts as a strong attractant significantly increasing the performance of the insecticide.


Amino Acids & Peptides Norg x 6.25%w/w

>25.0% w/w


>8.0% w/w

Dry Matter

44-55% w/w

PH sol. 10%

44-55% w/w


1.23 g/cm


Total in water

ATTRA - AMINO is sprayed in mixture with the authorized insecticide on crops such as: fruit trees, citrus, olive trees, walnut.
The mixture is applied onto the leaves as a partial treatment, typical bait application method.

Dosage Rate
Use the insecticide according to its label recommendation for bait application and add 1.5% ATTRA - AMINO to the spray volume.

Start the treatment program when the adult flies begin to fly. It is recommended to use pheromone traps to monitor the occurrence of the fly population. Apply every 7 to 10 days until the pre harvest period of the insecticide in the mixture is reached.

Foliar Application
Treat the branches well exposed to the sunlight or the lower part of the canopy.

Bottle Traps
Fill the traps with the solution containing ATTRA - AMINO with or without the addition of insecticides. Without insecticides, such traps can be used for mass trapping in organic farming.

Preparation of the Mixture
Shake the bottle well before adding ATTRA – AMINO to the water in the spray tank.
Agitate well during application.

The addition of fungicides generally reduces the attraction of ATTRA - AMINO to the insects. Do not mix with copper based fungicides. Do not spray onto leaves which have been treated with copper fungicide less than 10 to 15 days ago. This precaution is not necessary in the case of olive trees.
The insecticide used should not be highly volatile; to assure the control of the insects during all the period ATTRA - AMINO is active. If ATTRA - AMINO acts longer than the insecticide, then an increase in population might happen.

The product can be stored under ambient conditions for more than 2 years.

Toxicology and Environmental Fate
Based on the ingredients the product is not toxic. The normal safety precautions for handling chemicals should be observed. No toxic effects are expected, if the product is correctly handled. The product is completely degradable. Its ingredients are also used as fertilizer. It poses no harm for environment and wildlife, if it is used as per its label instructions. Avoid large amounts of undiluted product to reach soil and surface water.

The user bears the risk for damage resulting from factors beyond the manufacturer’s control. All recommendations are based on the current knowledge. Since storage, application, use and processing of the product are beyond the control of the manufacturer, the user shall assume shall such risks.

* Keep the product out of reach of children.
* Keep the product away from food and feed.
* In case of accident, or an indisposition, immediately call a physician and show him the product label.

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