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Titan has developed an upgraded technology that maximizes the germination of seeds. This potential technology is based on the seed's characteristics such as weight and size to improve quality of seed. Fluid density upgrading is another advanced method that is more precise and can improve germination process. Conventional system is not working.

Today farmers require treated seeds with highly activation so as to promote smooth growth with optimum nutrient level of the seeds.

Even the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Govt. of India , recommends the must use of Seed Treatment for bountiful harvest.

Titan is one of the state of the art technologies that have aids for the seed industry with the problem of low germination. The company has successful formulations for converting low germination into fast germination.

Seed aid is well formulated seed treatment that provides balanced nutrient for seed like mother milk of plant.

The nutrient based seed treatments is a developed formula that is based on chelated minerals with natural hormones like Fulvic acid. Amino Acid seed stimulator with important minerals like Manganese and Zinc. Manganese is renowned for seed energizer and Zinc is broadly deficient in soil. Chelated trace minerals magnifies nutrient for both seed and seedling, also stimulate the microorganisms. The trace chelated elements are highly required for seed treatment.

Nitrogen supply the microbial seed dressing in the form of Amino acids which is potential for the protein build in the plant. It contains the natural hormones that prove to be the germination enhancer and seedling kick starters.

Vitamin B groups play an important role in plant health and in the root zone, it helps in avoiding the diseases.

Seed Aid is an agriculturally acceptable complex mixture of dissolved organic Amino Acid and is partially humidified for seed treatment.

This product enhances the germination power, emergence, root development, seedling vigor, growth mortality resistance, water logging resistance, chlorophyll production , cold resistance , and nutrient uptake.

• Higher rate of Germination.
• Stronger and healthy Seedlings
• Effective control of diseases at an early stage.
• Results to healthy plants.

Organic acids , Amino acids , Carbohydrates and Vitamins.

5-10 gm per kg of seeds.

Thoroughly mix with seeds to have uniform coating before sowing.

It is very compatible with all agriculture inputs , both chemicals , fungicides and biological products.

Store in dry and cool places. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture.

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